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Narrative design

Starforged Studios - Edge

As the narrative designer for Edge, I was responsible for collaborating with the design team and project leads to develop the overall story of Edge. I created documents detailing and visualizing the overall narrative as well as writing quests and dialogue. I briefly worked with voice actors to record lines for our gameplay demo.

MSU, Empathetic Games Initiative - On the Outside, Looking In

The Empathetic Games Initiative was a project through the MSU Games and Graphics program, to develop games that would elicit Empathy from the players. On the Outside Looking In is a visual novel style game using school settings to bring about empathy.  As the narrative designer, I wrote and edited documents detailing the decisions and directions players can take as well as develop dialogue for a plethora of characters. 

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Narrative Design Talk

I gave a talk about narrative design to Michigan State University's game design club. While I learned a lot from MSU there was little education about narrative design and the impact on games.  It was fun to compile my thoughts, feeling, and passions about narrative design.

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The Choice

The Choice is a comedic screenplay were two friends struggle to order a pizza. This screenplay was written to explore themes of anxiety and support between friends. 


Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight is a short story about making friends in unlikely situations. Set in a closed hotel, one loyal worker is left to watch the vacant building, only to discover someone living secretly in one of the rooms. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece because of the mystery of the characters and exploring how they have more in common than it seems.


The Price of Beer

The Price of Beer is a serious short story exploring why some people choose sobriety. While inspired by some of my own thoughts about drinking, this story was challenging to write. 



Game Development

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Cybergrind Overdrive

Cybergrind Overdrive is a 2d platform racing game, where players pick from four visually unique characters and race to the end of the level. My role in this project was rather fluid, filling in smaller tasks to allow my teammates to tackle more impactful gameplay elements.

Paper Planes is a game I concept around the theme of burnout. Players explore a larger than life plane and complete tasks to keep it flying. Most actions the player can take consume energy and if the player runs out they are incapacitated for a long duration. Players have to balance tasks, time limits, and self-care to keep their plane in the air.

Paper Planes - Game Concept